The Ray Gun is a Wonder Weapon found in all Nazi Zombies maps. It is a weapon of futuristic design. It fires rays of energy that are green, which also deals heavy amounts of splash damage, which can damage surrounding zombies and oneself without PhD Flopper. Batteries serve as its' ammunition, which have a twenty round capacity. The reloading animation consists of the player flipping up the barrel of the weapon, taking out the 'used' batteries and replacing them with 'fresh' batteries.


Porter's X2 Ray Gun

Porter's X2 Ray Gun is the Pack-A-Punched version of the Ray Gun. It's magazine capacity is 40 rounds. It also deals double the damage. When upgraded, the Porter's X2 Ray Gun appears much more detailed, with "Pack-A-Punch" camo appearing on it, as well as firing red "energy bursts". It was created by H.Porter, a Group935 member.


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